ACE Tech


Should you need any help in your printer, be it repairing of printers or electronic components or supplies of printer parts, we are the ones you should look for. We are able to assist you in the shortest time with our team consisting of fully trained and experienced technicians.

The type of services that are available, namely:

  • Maintenance Service Contract
  • Send -in Depot repair
  • Ad hoc On-site repair
  • Onsite Service Call
  • Preventive Maintenance Contract

Our friendly technicians are happy to assist you in your printer problems. Should you need any technical assistance & software support, we are just a phone call away.

ACE Tech


This program was designed so that corporate companies is able to maintain their office equipment constantly.

This program will help to reduce company office equipment down time. A program that will help to reduce a company Maintenance cost on office equipment.

A program that was designed not only to increase the life span of a printer, minimizing printer breakdowns, print quality improvement but also ensure the office environment is protected from the dangerous effect of ozone emission.


If your organization printers have never been professionally clean or has not been service for more than a year, this program will be most useful and of value to your company.

All printers within the company would be inspected and have diagnostic done. A written report will then be given, detailing problems found and the necessary rectification needed to be done.

No other service providers will be able to offer the competitive value and after sales services that is provided by our e-Care Pack program.